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Bathtub & Shower Liner FAQ

What is a bathtub and/or shower liner?
The liner is a new custom bathtub and/or shower surround, that is custom fit by a professional which will come to your home and measure your existing tub, shower or both.
What are liners made out of?
The most common liners are acrylic, but they can also be made from PVC or plastic.
How can I find a liner that fits exactly on my tub?
Liners are custom made, and the contractor usually takes measurements.
How long does it take to install?
Full installation time should take about one day. Fill out our Quote Request Form for a free quote and installation times by a contractor near you!
How durable are liners?
These stain resistant liners are non-porous and will not peel, rust, chip or crack. Not only are they durable, but also they are easy to clean.
Why choose a bathtub liner?
Liners are much more economical in installing than a bathtub ot shower. Replacing existing bath feature require a change in plumbing, tile removal and can leave you without a bath/shower for a period of time while installing. Bathtub and Shower liners install in one day and custom fit over all existing plumbing!
Who should use a Bathtub liner or Shower Liner?
Anyone who wants to save time and money by purchasing a strong reliable product that will last for years.

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