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Bathtub & Shower Liners Knowledge Center

Section I - Liner Materials

Acrylic Liners are the most used liners for consumers. They are non-porous and will not peel, rust, chip or crack. Although acrylic is lightweight, its surface is smooth, and durable. This makes the liners look great and very easy to clean. Installation time is less than one day.

PVC Liners (polyvinyl chloride) are made just as strong and durable, cost effective as the acrylic version and look just as great. Installation time is also less than one day.

Section II - Measuring and Applying

Bathtub Liners are meant to be a quick and easy process. Measurements and pictures will most likely be taken by your selected contractor. From there your measurements will be crossed referenced through a chain of stock liners. Once the liners have been selected, your installation will be ready to begin.

Section III - Installation

After all is measured and ready, your existing tub will need to be prepped. Denatured alcohol is used to clean the existing tub. A butyl sealant is then applied and the new liner is inserted over the existing bathtub. The next step is to install the new drain and overflow. A caulk line (about 1/8 inch) is applied around the edges. This completes the installation and is usually done within 4-5 hours. Your new Bathtub will be ready to use the next day!

Section IV - Post Installation

Now that you have your new liner installed, you only need to maintain it. Since bathtub liners are strong and durable, they will not fade, peel, rust, chip or crack or mildew. The smooth surface makes for easy cleaning. So sit back and enjoy your new bath!

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